Zombivli Marathi Movie Moviehunt 2022

Zombivli Marathi Movie Moviehunt Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Marathi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

Zombivli Marathi Movie  Moviehunt 2022

Zombivli was a 2022 Indian Marathi-language comedy film about zombies directed by Aditya Sharma. The film featured Lalit Prabhakar as Vaidehi Pershurami and Amey Wagh and Trupti Khmkar as Trupti Khamkar. It was released on 26th January 2022. ZEE5 released it on May 20, 2022.

Name Zombivli
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p
Moviehunt APK Size 10MB
Subtitle English
Format MKV

Zombivli Marathi Movie Moviehunt Review 2022

Vishwas (Lalitprabhakar), a local leader from Janata Nagar Dombivli who is fiercely proud and object to anyone slandering his community, is known as Vishwas. He assists in carrying a sick man into a hospital only to discover that the hospital is overcrowded with other people suffering from similar conditions. The patients refuse to take the medication. A patient is seen walking out of the hospital with unusual zomboid behaviors.

Sudhir (AmeyWagh) works as an engineer at a local bottling business owned by Appa Mustale (Vijay Nikam), who is a shadowy local leader. He lives with Seema Parshurami, his pregnant wife. Vishwas meets him on his first day at work. He is protesting against the unfair policies of bottling firms that deny local residents their rightful water share.

Meanwhile, the zombie plague is spreading throughout town. Sudhir almost is bitten by the zombie while on an errand. Vishwas intervenes quickly to save him. Sudhir panickedly files a police report, which causes Vishwas to get picked up and taken into custody.

Sudhir tries looking through PCB (Pollution Control Board), files to identify the source of this epidemic, but his boss stops him and asks him if he can meet Musale. Musale invites Sudhir to a party and warns him not to get involved in matters that are not his concern.

Sudhir’s return home is interrupted by zombies attacking the Police Station. Vishwas then takes advantage of this chaos to make his escape and head towards Janata Nagar. Sudhir, who is returning home in his car when he is attacked by the zombies, returns home. Vishwas, Sudhir, and Seema meet Seema (Trupti Khmkar), who were shopping at the time. Seema and Malti manage to escape in the blink of an eye with a few other residents including Bhide (a senior citizen), Rajendra, an arrogant flat owner, and Rajendra (an arrogant flat proprietor) in Sudhir’s car.

They attempt to flee Dombivli. However, they are prevented by a police barricade that the Government has put up to stop the spread of the disease. Bhide is then shot by police and the rest of them rush to a hospital for emergency medical help.


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