Badhaai Do Moviehunt 2022

Badhaai Do Moviehunt Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

Badhaai Do   Moviehunt 2022

Badhaai Do is a comedy drama in 2022 that depicts a couple living together in a lavendar marriage. Rajkummar Rao is starring with Bhumi Pendekar. The film was directed by Harshavardhan Kunkarni and Akshat Ghildial. Junglee Pictures produces the film. It serves as a spiritual follow-up to Badhaai Ho, 2018. Principal photography began in Dehradun on 5 January 2021. Badhaai Do was theatrically published on 11 February 2022.

Name Badhaai Do
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Badhaai Do Moviehunt Review 2022

Shardul Thakur (police officer) is constantly pestered by his widowed mom to get married. Suman Singh, also known by Sumi, a physical education teacher meets a woman via a lesbian dating website. Sumi accepts the invitation to meet the woman at a cafe. Sumi realizes she had been talking with a man pretending to be a lesbian all along when she arrived at the cafe.

Sumi, fearful, leaves the cafe but the man continues to stalk Sumi. His counterthreat to Sumi’s threat to report him to police is to expose her lesbian status. Sumi, fed up with his blackmailing, reports it Shardul. Shardul happens to work at a police station largely made up of female officers. Shardul meets Sumi to tell her that the man who contacted him through the dating app had been warned. He offers Sumi marriage, but he says he is gay. Both their families will be happy if they get married. Sumi accepts and they marry.

Shardul presents Kabir, his boyfriend, to Sumi on their honeymoon. Sumi and Shardul return from the trip. Sumi later meets Rimjhim who works at a hospital. They go out on date where Rimjhim talks about how her family rejected her for being a lesbian.

The two begin a relationship right away, and Rimjhim enters Sumi’s bedroom. Rimjhim locates Sumi’s passport. Sumi confesses to her desire to have children and tells Rimjhim that she obtained the passport to allow her to travel abroad. Shardul’s wife asks them about Rimjhim. They laugh it off and tell her that she is their relative.

Kabir hits Shardul after he becomes suspicious of Shardul’s cheating. Shardul is devastated when Kabir leaves him. Soon after, Shardul controls a group of homophobic protestors in front of a gay marriage, where Guru Narayan (a queer lawyer) sees him. He quickly takes to Shardul and places his business card in Shardul’s pocket. Shortly after they begin dating, Guru Narayan is introduced briefly to Sumi & Rimjhim.


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