All of Us Are Dead All Episodes Moviehunt 2022

All of Us Are Dead All Episodes Moviehunt Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Hindi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

All of Us Are Dead All Episodes  Moviehunt 2022

All of Us Are Dead tells the story of a group of Hyosan High School students who fight to survive after a virus that spreads through the school and its surroundings. Based on Joo Dogneun’s Webtoon comic, Now at Our School (same name as the original title in Korean), All of Us Are Dead is published in 2009.

Although the series may appear to be your standard zombie apocalypse tale with coming-of age elements, All of Us Are Dead is full of cultural references and timely allegories.

Name All of Us Are Dead
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All of Us Are Dead All Episodes Moviehunt Review 2022

Season 1 of All of Us Are Dead ends on a cliffhanger. Namra and the survivors meet up on the school’s rooftop. It’s hard to predict who might return for the second season, unlike Squid Game. Because, as you know, zombies can also be made of dead people. Season 2 has been approved and we can assume that all survivors, or at least most, will return.

There’s a second question that fans are asking: Is Cheongsan actually dead in All of Us Are Dead, or is he just a fan? It’s impossible for us to be certain. We did not witness him becoming a zombie nor his remains. He was able to escape the shock wave of the bomb that the government dropped on school grounds but he did manage to get blasted.

Although we shouldn’t let our hopes down, it is important to remember that things can happen. (This is Netflix afterall!) Wikitree spoke to Lee, who stated: “If Cheongsan came back to life there would be some viewers that won’t accept it and others that will love it.” He “definitely” has an idea that he can’t yet share.


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